Tutor Sessions

At PUPS, we have built our program around the philosophy that every dog is an individual and we modify the program according to each dog’s individual needs so that they can be successful. This is true of our two-legged students as well. We understand that sometimes people may need extra help with implementing parts of the program. We spend a lot of time during class helping everyone, but, because it is a group environment, if someone feels they need or want extra help outside of the class any given week, we are available outside of class time for private tutoring sessions!  We suggest that the tutoring sessions be made within the week immediately following the class you need help with.

These sessions are given at a discounted private rate of only $30.00 per session and are available for dogs and handlers currently enrolled in a group class.

Cost for Tutoring – $30.00/session (session is 30 mins.)  Available to currently enrolled clients only.

To schedule a tutor session, call us at 443-545-9598 or email us at pupsmd@aol.com.