We offer thorough temperament/behavior/suitability assessments for any temperament issues, behavior issues, anxiety issues, etc.  We also make it mandatory that any dog that is aggressively leash reactive or very vocal on leash come in for a thorough assessment with behavior mods prior to joining the group class.  This way, we can prepare you and your dog so that your dog will be successful joining a group class. 

We also do assessments for any dog you currently own or are thinking of owning and will give you our honest, professional opinion on whether it’s the right dog for you and your family!  In addition, we offer assessments to help you determine what type of dog would best suit your family/home needs.  We always want to set dogs … and humans up for success!

Cost for one-time assessment is $125.00 (usually runs 1.5 hours).  You may schedule an assessment by phoning us at 443-545-9598 or 443-452-7200 or email us at [email protected].

*Penalties for late cancellation will apply!