Rally O!! Cynosport!

Come and join us for some fun Rally O training!  Rally obedience is a fun sport for dogs and handlers that was originally created to be an easier sport for most dog and handler teams to enjoy and to allow all dogs to participate including mixed breeds and rescues, as opposed to AKC Obedience which is much more competitive and basically requires the dog be a pure bred, major kennel club registered dog or has an ILP listing through AKC.  This sport involves obedience exercises that are written on signs and laid out in a “course” for the owner/dog team.  The level of difficulty increases from Level 1 through Level III.   In Rally, you are able to reward your dog along the way and that is true during the training as well!   Kristin and Cianna have excelled in Rally with excellent scores and awards for Merit of Excellence.   That being said, our purpose for teaching Rally is really not centered around competing, but rather to give the dogs and handlers an additional venue to continue building on their relationship and building confidence in the dog, as well as enhances their obedience following the Basic Obedience Course.  We also recognize that some of the dogs that come to us may not be allowed to participate in any Rally classes elsewhere due to temperament issues and some of the dogs probably won’t do well at a huge facility with many, many dogs.   Our classes are a bit smaller and we are able in the nice weather to also do them outside, where some of the dogs will also be comfortable.

*Dogs must be graduates of our Basic Obedience Course OR they must test out with us first (call to schedule testing).

IN ADDITION to teaching Rally, we offer “run throughs” – come and design your own courses and practice what you want and need to practice!   Inquire within for more details.  [email protected] – or call Kristin at 443-545-9597.

Cost for Rally O! Level I, II and III – Rally can be taught in a class or private lessons – inquire within for options and cost, [email protected] or call Kristin at 443-545-9597.