PUPS Indoor facility lends itself perfectly to holding seminars of all types.

In addition to renting all or part of the facility out for seminars, PUPS holds their own on-going working seminars for the American Schutzhund/IPO communities as well as on-going seminars for pet owners which are open to the public. Some of these seminar subjects include:

  • Scent Detection/Nose Work
  • Finding the right dog for your family
  • Dog or puppy?
  • Puppies and kids
  • How to find a good breeder
  • What to look for and expect when choosing a “rescue” dog
  • Anxiety Dogs
  • Aggressive/Reactive Dogs
  • Coaching the Canine Athlete – Dr. Chris Zink

Contact us via [email protected] for a schedule of seminars or check our Facebook page.

big training room – 70’ x 67’

big training room – 70’ x 67’