American Schutzhund, IPO/IGP Seminars

We are VERY fortunate to have a large facility perfect for hosting Working Dog Seminars, including but not limited to American Schutzhund, IPO/IGP seminars!  We have any and all equipment needed!  In addition, we have access to land for tracking and fields for working the routines outside.  We host a number of our own American Schutzhund, IPO/IGP seminars per year and are blessed to be able to have extraordinary high-level competitors/trainers coming here.   In addition to our own seminars, because we also rent out our facility to outside groups, other exceptional seminars are held here as well.  In a nutshell, all your needs for American Schutzhund or IPO/IGP can be met at a high standard here at PUPS. Go to our Facility Rental Section for rental info.

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