IPO Seminars

We are VERY fortunate to have a large facility perfect for hosting IPO seminars!  In addition, we have access to land for tracking and fields for working the routines outside.  We host several of our own All Three Phase seminars per year and are planning to do more per year!   We are blessed to be able to have extraordinary high level competitors/trainers coming here on a regular basis!!  In addition to our own seminars, because we also rent out our facility, other exceptional IPO seminars are held here as well.  In a nutshell, all your needs for IPO can be met at a high standard here at PUPS. Go to our Facility Rental Section for rental info.

We are so fortunate to have Beth Bradley coming monthly for three day seminars covering all three phases of IPO! Beth Bradley is a multiple WUSV competitor and won the German Shepherd USCA IPO Nationals in 2016!  As of 2017, Beth also holds many titles for winning and placing in championship competitions, and she will continue to add to that collection!!  We also have Ryan White, USCA national certified teaching helper for these seminars as well! Beth coaches the teams and keeps them moving towards their goals!

Click here for more information on our Beth Bradley seminars! You may also check on our Facebook page or email us at pupsmd@aol.com.

Click here for Beth Bradley’s website: http://www.dog-trainer.biz