Karen & Beda

Even though we are back to running classes in person, outdoors, we are still adhering to any COVID-19 restrictions.  In addition, the virtual sessions went over well so we are still offering those!  So, if you are not located near us, or have a crazy schedule, we can meet by zoom!   Just email us at [email protected] or call or text at 443-545-9598! 

PUPS Dog Obedience started many years ago with a progressive 8-week group training course.  While still our cornerstone highly sought our course, we have grown in our knowledge and tools and now offer many different services while still incorporating our general philosophy!


At PUPS, our philosophy is simple and remains consistent in all Service/Classes that we offer:

  • Every dog is unique and therefore, we assess each dog individually in order to provide the most beneficial training and training tools for THAT particular dog.  In addition, the owner is assessed as to the best way to learn from us as well so we can communicate effectively which will provide the owner with the ability to implement the training/modifications for their dog.
  • Recognize and educate owner on breed traits of their dog when possible as breed traits dictate dog’s behaviors and can offer insight into why a dog displays certain behaviors and allows for more appropriate, successful behavior modifications.
  • Strive for the best relationship of trust and respect and love between the owner and dog in order to give the dog a capable leader to count on throughout life in situations outside of obedience.
  • Use specialized obedience as a vehicle to creating a confident, thinking dog that can transition with as much ease as possible to new or stressful situations.  This is achieved by improving the temperament and nervous system of the dog through the training.
  • Always set the dog up for success!!

Make obedience a way of life and assure your dog’s safety at all times! Please contact Karen Decker at 443-545-9598 or [email protected] with questions or to receive further information and class schedules.


Cindy, Dave, and Gilbert

Gilbert, our 9-1/2-year-old Jack Russell Terrier/dachshund mix who attacks other dogs, completed your class last month. My husband Dave and I decided to take Gilbert on a walk down Main Street, Ellicott City recently, something that took every bit of read more