Advanced Obedience

Upon successful completion of the Basic Course (above), PUPS offers a four-week Advanced Obedience Course. This class further enhances the obedience aspect; specifically, it begins to transition your dog to off leash AND it further incorporates any individual modifications that may be needed to assure maximum attentiveness and reliable obedience as well as providing an avenue to continue building your relationship and success within the home!  We offer a 4-week Group Class for dogs without any aggression issues.  Dogs with aggression/reactivity issues would do a private course.

Cost for the Advanced 4-week is $250.00. Cost for the Advanced 4-week PRIVATE Class is $350.00.

To get on the class roster, visit our class schedule online, call us at 443-545-9598 or 443-545-9597, or email us at [email protected]. To schedule the private course, call or email.