Individual Modification Program

This program is designed to address specific issues that dogs are struggling with that either need to be addressed immediately prior to joining the Basic 8-week Group Obedience Course, or need to be done in conjunction with doing the class.   These are private sessions in which your dog will be assessed and you will be shown and walked through specific modifications and given a routine to incorporate at home to change these behaviors.   There are no set number of sessions.  Every dog is individual and the variables that effect the dog’s progress are the dog’s genetics, past experiences and the owner’s ability to implement the modifications properly.  The issues that benefit from these sessions include but are not limited to separation anxiety, general anxiety, crate anxiety, resource guarding, food aggression, social dominance/aggression with the owners, dog on dog aggression within the home, aggression with guests, excessive barking issues, general disobedience such as counter-surfing, rambunctious/uncontrollable greetings of family and guests, etc.

Cost for Individual Modification Program Sessions – $100.00/session – each session is approximately 1 hour.  To schedule, phone us at 443-545-9598 or email us at [email protected].