High Energy & Anxiety


I am so impressed with the PUPS obedience program. Our one-year-old, high energy, high anxiety, highly intelligent border collie mix would continually jump on house guests, pull on walks, get overly excited to see other dogs, and would become so fixated on things that we could not break her attention. Taking her out of the house was a chore and her walks wouldn’t last more than 5 minutes, which didn’t help her energy level at all! I was amazed that by the end of the program, Corbie could sit calmly at the end of a leash with other dogs running around her. She is so much more polite with guests, now that she knows people are more willing to pet her when she sits nicely! My favorite part is that I can walk her for a half-hour and she will heel perfectly beside me the whole time. I can’t take all the credit though… Karen and her team are so knowledgeable about the specific needs of different breeds, and you really feel like you’re getting personalized lessons despite being in a large group class. Corbie is still a handful, but it is fun and challenging to work with her every day. We will definitely be coming back!

Jamie and Corbie


The PUPS program made such a difference in our dog! Every walk used to be a bad experience, with our dog pulling so hard he would half-choke himself because he was so overexcited. After just a few weeks of the program, he was happily heeling next to us on walks, and actually listening and checking in. When Karen said we were going to learn stays on a 15-foot leash, I never thought my dog would be able to do it….but after just a couple of weeks we nailed it. I highly highly recommend the program as a great investment in your relationship with your dog.

Jessie and Bodie


Thank you very much for allowing us and Harley to be a part of the class. He is doing great with our daughter – he is very tolerant of her approaching him, and allows her to pet him and hug him! We are so grateful for this experience, the changes in Harley, and the fact that he will continue to be a part of our family.

Tina, Todd, and Harley


We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts with all your help.  You have obviously seen the progress Girly has made and the confidence she has gained.  She is a NEW dog from when we rescued her in October!  And I attribute that all to PUPS training!  My goal is to still get into a CGC certification program when we get to Pittsburgh.  She’s going to be my ambassador for the “Pitbull” breed.  I will also continue with your teachings. I would recommend PUPS to EVERYONE in the B’more/Washington area.  You guys are amazing!!

Polly and Girly


When we started at PUPS, Vostok was 9 months of age. He had never been socialized, or even left the breeder’s home (except to go to the vet). Vostok was extremely shy and frightened of everything… Training with Karen and her helpers Susan and Kristin has really been a life altering experience for Vostok (and me)! Now Vostok is 1 year old, and I couldn’t ask for a better dog. Thank you, Karen, for your kindness, patience, and great sense of humor. You definitely made our time at training a positive experience.

Tatyana and Vokstok

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