Puppies & Young Dogs


The trainers at PUPS obedience really know their stuff! With their help and expertise, my rambunctious little puppy turned into a well-behaved and eager-to-please adolescent dog.

Stephanie P. and Lailah

Border Collie/Terrier

We sought out PUPS Training for our 9 month old puppy. As a Border Collie/Terrier mix, he was highly intelligent but his increasing energy was becoming a challenge for us. Walking him on the leash could be anything from a peaceful stroll to an all-out battle depending on where were going and how fast HE wanted to get there. We also noticed that a number of the commands he had learned in early puppy obedience training were losing their effect on him.

From the first day of PUPS Training we learned a number of easy fixes for problems we were having. We were fitted with new equipment and taught some fundamentals for training him both in class and at home. Karen’s team kept the sessions orderly and productive for everyone while providing one-on-one assistance with individual issues on the sidelines.

Our dog is now 11 months old and I could not be happier with his progress. He is able to Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Come and his entire mindset on the leash has matured. We have a new confidence in handling him and feel competent to reinforce what we learned in the class. I would recommend PUPS Training to anyone–especially those reaching a point of frustration with a developing puppy. Karen has the answers you need to establish a healthy, happy relationship with your dog.

Border Collier/Terrier

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